Revier’s Certified Total Livestock Care (TLC™) Program

TLC™ consists of proprietary practices and facilities that result in 32% Healthier Cattle compared to the industry average.

TLC™ Program Elements:

Sustainable Practices

Environmentally Friendly

Animals are raised and handled in an environmentally responsible way that focuses on:

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Energy and Emission Reduction

Water Use Reduction

Land Resources Management

High Quality Feed

Easy to Digest

Custom feeding methods reduce stress on the animals' digestive system

High soluble fiber feed is uniquely grown in the Revier region

Excellent Facilities

Comfortable Living

Revier unique animal housing creates a stress-free environment

Open-Air concrete yards prevent disease and injury

Patented enclosed barns shelter animals from weather and disease with excellent air quality

Facilities promote waste management to prevent disease and capture carbon emissions

Humanely Raised and Handled

Positive Interactions

At Revier, people walk pens twice daily to reduce animal stress

Animals are kept with their "friends" so they stay relaxed and happy