High Quality, Sustainable Beef

Revier Cattle Company (RCC) effectively and efficiently manages livestock production while protecting the environment. Livestock manure is full of natural soil nutrients. Utilizing manure as fertilizer reduces the need for mined and manufactured sources. The fence lines and pastures necessary for livestock production add diversity to the environment by protecting soil and providing a habitat for wildlife.

RCC facilities incorporate tertiary anaerobic digester technology to capture and treat animal waste. The solids and liquids are separated to provide flexibility in application of this natural soil enhancer. In the future, plans are to capture additional energy from animal waste and convert it in to compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel for company trucks and equipment.

As a performance indicator of managing and improving social, economic and environmental measures, Revier Cattle Company utilizes an active and evolving Sustainability Scorecard System that addresses water, waste, and air emissions. This system reflects society’s evolution and understanding of the world and Reviers willingness to adopt the highest standards for our organization. RCC’s greenhouse gas emissions are an excellent example of a standard that is measured, reported, and improved through operational changes and data management.